Shadow Demons by Sarra Cannon

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Title: Shadow Demons (Book 4 Peachville High Demons)

Author: Sarra Cannon

Publisher: Dead River Books

Release: July 3, 2011

Age Group: Young Adult ~ Paranormal Romance

Recommend: Jennifer says, “If you haven’t read this series then don’t hesitate any longer.”




In Peachville, there’s a fine line between good and evil.

That line is about to be crossed.


Review by Jennifer

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this series.  I tweet about it and mention it to friends on facebook.  I can’t write this review without gushing.  I was so excited to start reading this book.  Within the first few chapters I was ecstatic with uncontained joy.  Cannon brought back the ribbons.  I know it is a minor thing, but in book 1 Harper had a style all her own that included tying a ribbon around her wrist as a fashion accessory.  In the following books it wasn’t mentioned again. Harper had become a lemming.  She lost her unique sense of style.  But in book 4, Harper ties a pink ribbon around her wrist for her official date with Jackson.  I smiled throughout that whole chapter.


This book had Harper finding out truths about her mother and members of the Order.  What she finds out puts her life in danger.  Jackson is by Harper’s side for the most part and it seems that their relationship is right on track.  However, Jackson still keeps things from Harper because he feels he needs to protect her.  I love that Harper is a strong female character.  She doesn’t put up with being kept in the dark and her spunky, sassy side comes out.  She lets Jackson and those around her know that she is not a pushover.


This work of art, yes it is art to me, is self published.  It does have some minor editing errors but not enough to distract the reader.  The story is so full of action that the reader can overlook any errors. I was torn between wanting to finish the book and wanting to make it last.  It was over far too quickly for me and I was left wanting more.  More Harper, more Jackson, and more answers.  Cannon has developed her characters so well over the course of this series that I am now attached to them.  The story just keeps getting better and I am intrigued about where she is taking this story for book 5.  I can’t give Cannon enough kudos for a job well done.


My thoughts:

I like the friendship that has developed between Harper and Courtney since book two.  I am still wondering about Courtney.  Not much, if anything, has been given away about her background.  I’d like to know a bit more about her and see if she plays a bigger role in helping Harper.


Book 4 introduces a whole group of Shadow Demons that are rebelling against the order.  I’m wondering if there is going to be some kind of showdown between the Order and the Demons. What are the Demons going to do back in the Shadow World?


Maryanne saved Harper from her family, the Crowes, and seems to be friends with Harper.  Courtney and Maryanne seem to be protective of Harper.  In book 4 the Demons say that the Order is powerful and there is no way to gain support from all the Orders.  I’m wondering if they might be able to get enough support from witches that the Order does not recruit.  Courtney and Maryanne seem to be powerful and there just might be others out there like them that can side with Harper against the Order.


Jackson, oh Jackson, how I love thee.  I fall more in love with this character as the series progresses.  Jackson still gives Harper kisses that make her melt and I melt right along with her.  Harper puts my feelings into words when she says:


My heart beat faster when he looked at me.  Even after all these months of being close to him, I still hadn’t gotten used to the way he made me feel.  I loved everything about him, from his bright green eyes all the way down to his leather boots.  I loved the curve of his jaw-line and the way his lips always curled up on one side in that sexy half-smile of his.


Yep I’m a goner.  He seems to have his powers back but where does that leave his brother and just how did that happen?


Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.  We start to see that she is different toward Harper in book 3 and it gets worse in book 4.  I’m a little confused here.  She is all snarky with her comments and insinuates to Harper that she would be a better Prima.  Then at the end of book 4 she is acting like she is remorseful and reluctant to do what her family wants.  Who is the true Brooke?  Is she a friend or a foe?  Haven’t quite figured that out…


I recommend this whole series.  If you haven’t read this series then don’t hesitate any longer.  You won’t be disappointed and you just might find you fall in love with Jackson, and that’s okay, I don’t mind sharing.  Harper will be the girl you root for.  You’ll love her determination and strength of character.  You can’t lose.  Go now…get started.


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