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*If you haven’t watched the 9/22 episode, you may not want to read. Contains mild spoilers. Major spoilers if you don’t want to know anything.*


Where to start with last night’s episode…ELENA!


~What a cluster of female mess! I guess staying out of trouble and not  endangering her friends was only good for one episode. Call me crazy but heading out into the wilderness, telling no one, taking her HUMAN friend to find a pack of wolves/vamps, does not scream intelligent. Impulsive and stupid, yes. Love or no love that was dumb. A good plan. That’s all I ask for…and more than a human with you hunting supernatural creatures…and not going RIGHT before a full moon…and not trip when running for your life. OK, that’s all I ask. Yeah, remember that I’m not an Elena fan so just gonna stop here.


~ One good thing that came out of Elena‘s stupid hiking trip into the mountains is Rick realizes he doesn’t want to walk away from his new family.




~ Damon looked hot again. Can I say I fell a little bit more in love with him when he shoved Elena into the lake? I may have screamed, “YES!”  My favorite quote of the night came from Damon when telling Elena off about her stupid plan. “Yeah, but I’m not an idiot like you.” I may have laughed and clapped. Damon was great tonight. He’s MVV (Most Valuable Vampire) for the night. I do have to make a point though. Damon was a bit mopey about Stefan killing his girlfriend. How quick we forget Damon did brutally and unprovoked kill Stefan’s best gal pal right in front of him.





~ Stefan and his tortured puppy dog eyes yearned for Elena. They can have each other. He did save Damon with an awesome wolf heart extraction, so he gets a few points for that.






~Tyler had a come to Jesus moment with his mom trying to save Caroline. Which leads me to a very welcomed surprise…Noah Bennett (Claire’s dad on Heros) is on TVD!! You will never guess who he is!!!! Side note: Claire’s mom from Heros is the grandmother on The Secret Circle that takes Cassie in.








~ Jeremy has been working out. His neck is thicker and little biceps are showing. Matt had a bit more of a role tonight that wasn’t as boring until…Vicki shows up from the dead saying, “I can come back.” Ugh! Why? No, leave her in the otherworld! Thankfully, intrigue was immediately brought into this boring plot by Jeremy‘s other ex-girlfriend appearing with, “Don’t trust Vicki.” Yes, listen to that ghost instead!







~ I’ve decided Klaus is creepy, sadistic, sexy. I wouldn’t want to date him but I can appreciate the hybrid candy. The crazy hybrid didn’t have a good night though. How long do you think it will take him to put two and two together that the doppelganger isn’t dead?









Until next week lovelies!


What did you think of last night’s episode?




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